New Music: The Return of Mr. Soultronica


I got a new single in the stores today and this one holds it’s own. Yep, that’s right, this is an instrumental joint which I consider to be a tribute to Art of Noise, Howie Tee and Teddy Riley. I hope you guys dig this one, because I’m planning on doing a new EP of instrumental music. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy! :)

New Music: Plant The Flag/Remix


So I went into the lab and remixed “Plant The Flag” which is in stores now. Gotta warn those of you who love the original that I turned this joint on it’s ear, but it’s still dope…C’mon Fam, you know I’m not going to deliver no dud. LOL! Anyway, I had mad fun doing this one. Enjoy! :D

New Music: Plant The Flag


I know last week we released “The Kidnapping”, but this is my other new single “Plant The Flag” with Killah Trakz manning the mic this time and as you’ll here this joint is just as dope! Is there going to be a single in the stores next week?….Nah but stay tuned you just never know, I might change my mind. ;)

Radio Tour: The Wreck with Jason D and Trav G


As apart of my radio promotion tour,  I flew into Idaho yesterday to promote my new singles “The Kidnapping” on KRBX 89.9 fm Radio Boise’s “The Wreck” with DJ Jason D on the turntables and Trav G on the controls. First of all let me tell you that Boise is the most enjoyable city I ever drove in. My goodness the roads here are sooooooo smooth and the vinyl hunting here is AWESOME! The record stores in this area got plenty of goodies.

Next stop…Los Angeles

Free Music: Gloria Ry’Ann – Inside My Love (Remix)


Stevie Soul is one of those few people in this business who I’ll pull a rabbit out the hat for. She asked me to remix this joint for Gloria Ry’Ann and I took a rather unorthodox approach that turned out funky. It’s actually a cover of the Minnie Ripperton classic “Inside My Love” produced by Herb Middleton who was very cool getting me the vocal splits I needed. According to Stevie, Richard Rudolph himself whose the song’s co-writer and publisher approved this remix, so that alone gives me a quite a bit excitement for it. Anyway, today is my birthday, and since y’all been respectful and supporting my music, I decided to give you the gift of music so you can download it for free. Enjoy! :)

New Mix: 7 Modes of junclassic

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past few months…or maybe not. Anyway I’ve busy working on new music and this mix I did for junclassic who I plan to do some new music with in the not so distant future. I had quite a bit of fun making this mix and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Good News: The Champ is Here is #1 on the College Radio Mix Show Charts!


So I got a phone call this morning from Kevin Nottingham telling me my single “The Champ is Here” went to the #1 spot on both of the College Radio Mix Show chartsReally?…Seriously?…Oh wow…It really did go #1. Cool. I’m grateful and first foremost want to thank my Grandmother Edna Marriott for being the inspiration, Kevin Nottingham, Midnight Gem, Tiffany So, EDOR (He called it), Full Time Grind and all the DJs who are spinning and reporting the record. This is a good day! :D

New Music: The Champ is Here Remix

I don’t want to be one of those guys, but….well my new single is out today and I figured I should post the B-Side this morning since I posted the A-Side yesterday. I don’t know what to tell you about this version other than I think it’s a dope alternative to the just as dope original. Well…there you have it. Enjoy. :)

New Music: The Champ Is Here


My new single “The Champ is Here” is being released tomorrow and I can’t front, I have a strong feeling about this record. As you can hear, I put in quite a bit of energy into this record and the guys from Full Time Grind gave me strong performances to work with. I really enjoyed mixing it in FL Studio and since then been using it for everything.

We’re getting a good amount of college airplay and my A&R Director EDOR says we’re going to reach #1 on the college radio mix show charts…that would be nice, but I think we’ll make it to the top ten. I don’t want to put a damper on my own work, but there’s quite a bit of dope records out right now and although my single stands out, that don”t mean we’ll grab the top spot. I’m just grateful we’re charting on the radio and the record will finally be out there for people to support.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds. :)