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New Music: Plant The Flag/Remix

  So I went into the lab and remixed “Plant The Flag” which is in stores now. Gotta warn those of you who love the original that I turned this joint on it’s ear, but it’s still dope…C’mon Fam, you know I’m not going to deliver no dud. LOL! Anyway, I had mad fun doing […]

New Music: Plant The Flag

  I know last week we released “The Kidnapping”, but this is my other new single “Plant The Flag” with Killah Trakz manning the mic this time and as you’ll here this joint is just as dope! Is there going to be a single in the stores next week?….Nah but stay tuned you just never […]

New Mix: 7 Modes of junclassic

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past few months…or maybe not. Anyway I’ve busy working on new music and this mix I did for junclassic who I plan to do some new music with in the not so distant future. I had quite a bit of fun making this mix and I hope […]

New Music: The Champ is Here Remix

I don’t want to be one of those guys, but….well my new single is out today and I figured I should post the B-Side this morning since I posted the A-Side yesterday. I don’t know what to tell you about this version other than I think it’s a dope alternative to the just as dope […]

New Music: The Champ Is Here

  My new single “The Champ is Here” is being released tomorrow and I can’t front, I have a strong feeling about this record. As you can hear, I put in quite a bit of energy into this record and the guys from Full Time Grind gave me strong performances to work with. I really […]